EUROSmot is an OSEK/AUTOSAR compliant real-time operating system that is especially designed for automotive applications. It is a static system that supports the OSEK API and all conformance classes. Configuration tools support application development; they allow object definition via a graphical interface, and with consistency checks.




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EUROStime is a static real-time operating system that belongs to the family of OSEK systems that were developed specifically for automotive applications. In contrast to the task model of a conventional OSEK operating system such as EUROSmot, the activation of a EUROStime task is based on a time-controlled allocation table. In addition, EUROStime tasks are subjected to a so-called deadline. That means, after reaching a predefined point in time the execution of the task will be aborted.

EUROSmot and EUROStime can be used in combination. In this mode of operation, EUROSmot acts as a subsystem under EUROStime.

EUROStime adheres to the OSEKtime API (Application Programming Interface). Applications can be created easily using a configurator, which also provides a consistency check and support for OIL (OSEK Implementation Language).