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Our modern world is unimaginable without microprocessors and microcontrollers. In practically every area of our daily life they perform their tasks reliably and silently. They control and monitor, they switch and protect.

However, these little chips get their intelligence from software: sophisticated applications and powerful operating systems.

EUROS Embedded System GmbH has been focusing on the development of the Real-Time Operating Systems EUROS (general purpose) and EUROSmot (OSEK/AUTOSAR-compliant for automotive applications) since 1987. They are now available for more than 8500 derivatives of 35 different families of microcontrollers. Both operating systems have been designed by abstracting the underlying hardware platform in order to ensure the portability of the embedded applications built on top of them. The EUROS Real-Time-Operating-Systems has been already deployed in millions of devices worldwide used in applications like automotive, transportation, cellular phones, communications, health care, general industrial equipment, robotics, production lines, etc.

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