Powerful Code Analyzing Plug-In for EUROScope

Sep 19, 2018

The object code based analyzer plugin creates call trees, cross reference information, and control flow graphs and determines function metrics like maximum stack usage, code size and complexity.

EUROS now supports Altera NIOS II

Sep 19, 2018

With the porting on the NIOS II architecture from Altera the real-time operating system EUROS now supports 12 different CPU architectures.

EUROS for Philips LPC2000

Sep 19, 2018

EUROS now supports the Philips LPC2000 series of microcontrollers. Initial board support was implemented for PHYTEC's phyCORE-LPC2294 module. This module is available with the LPC2294 and LPC2292 variations of the microcontrollers.

Port driver for Philips LPC2000 CAN

Sep 19, 2018

A port driver for the CAN interfaces of the Philips LPC2000 microcontroller series is now available. It can drive the 2 or 4 CAN channels of these microcontrollers. It also provides an interface to IXXAT's CANopen stack.