EUROS Java Virtual Machine

Sep 19, 2018

EUROS Embedded Systems GmbH has announced general availability of Java virtual machine for all supported architectures.

Java interpreter is implemented in plain C and support Java Micro Edition standard, making it possible to handle arbitrary applications built with any standard compliant java compiler.

Some key JVM characteristics are:

  • requires 32K RAM
  • supports Java threads
  • supports both standard and customized memory allocation and garbage collection algorithms
  • supports JAR files and file systems
  • easy to extend with custom libraries
  • highly configurable list of standard libraries to minimize size

EUROS live

Sep 19, 2018

The company EUROS Embedded Systems releases the first version of EUROS live. EUROS live gives you the possibility to develop for EUROS without a real hardware. The hardware is simulated by a virtual machine. With EUROS live you have the chance to see all the features of EUROS and the tools without to specialize to architecture. EUROS live is ready for download.

EUROS for Renesas SH-2A

Sep 19, 2018

The company EUROS Embedded Systems announces the availability of its Realtime Operating System EUROS including the Stand-Alone Cross Development Environment for the next generation of Renesas's 32-bit microcontroller family SH-2A

EUROScope for 16FX Fujitsu microcontrollers

Sep 19, 2018

Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe and EUROS Embedded Systems has teamed-up to provide enhanced On Chip Debugging for Fujitsu's next generation 16-bit MCU family 16FX. As a result of this cooperation EUROS Embedded Systems announces the availability of its symbolical debugger EUROScope 16FX, which is as an exclusive version of the general purpose EUROScope source-level symbolic debugger, for the next generation Fujitsu's 16FX microcontroller family. EUROScope is a Stand-Alone type debugger, which can be also used without an operating system.

EUROScope support for P&E Micro Multilink and Cyclone Max modules

Sep 19, 2018

Latest EUROScope plugins allow to debug applications using USB Multilink and Cyclone Max JTAG modules from P&E Micro. Plugins enable using EUROScope with all PowerPC and ColdFire CPUs currently supported by USB Multilink / Cyclone MAX devices.