EUROS offers Boards Support Packages for almost all popular microcontroller on the market. You can find the full list of the supported architectures here.

Below you can find trial versions of our development tools as well as our virtual Machine EUROSlive.

EUROSlive gives you the possibility to develop under EUROS without a real hardware. On this version a virtual machine simulates the default system. Thus you can pass through all phases of a real development process on the PC.

The following section contains complete trial versions of our development tools without any restrictions. Before you are able to use them you need a valid license key. After installing the EUROScope/EUROSkit on your workstation, a HostID will be generated. Please send this HostID to us via the License Key Request Form. Upon receipt of your Host ID, you will receive a license key for testing purposes, valid for two weeks.

Product Size Download
EUROS RTOS 4.00, EUROScope and EUROSkit
321 Mb
EUROS Embedded Studio®
Cross development IDE and source level debugger whit code analysis
131 Mb
EUROScope 4.2
Source level Debugger EUROScope incl. EUROStrace and EUROSobject Plug-ins.
15.1 Mb
EUROSkit 1.1
Cross development IDE EUROSkit 1.1 with source analysis.
1 Mb