The EUROS Bluetooth protocol stack offers a uniform API for your own Bluetooth-based applications. Thus, the use of Bluetooth programming in your application will be independent of the particular Bluetooth module.

In addition, all specified and continuously extended Bluetooth profiles enable rapid integration of Bluetooth functionality in existing applications; literally, it can take only a few minutes. For example, the Serial Port profile maps one of the EUROS serial interface drivers to Bluetooth. Basically all functions of the Bluetooth specification are not based on a monolithic system but are structured in several layers. Moreover, existing protocols are adopted. For example, the multiplexing protocol TS 07.10, well known from mobile telephony, exists with small adaptations in the Bluetooth specification as the RFCOMM layer. It offers multiple virtual serial interfaces.

In the same manner, each profile, such as the previously mentioned Serial Port profile, describes different functionality in an independent and modular way.

The EUROS Bluetooth Stack with its modular and scalable design is very broadly applicable, even for small embedded systems with few resources. It is highly configurable and can readily be adapted to the needs of the application.

If TCS, RFCOMM or even SDP are not required by the application they can be omitted and therefore do not occupy resources in the target. In this case communication would take place via the lowest level - L2CAP - which is accessible by the user.

A Bluetooth connection to the TCP/IP world is achieved by using the PPP protocol, which is also a part of EUROS.


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The IrDA protocol stack and drivers for a range of IrDA controllers are available as an integral part of the EUROS system. The EUROS system implements the various IrDA protocol layers through hardware-independent software components that rely on the EUROS serial port driver.

The EUROS IrDA implementation provides the IrLAP, IrLMP and IrTTP protocol layers. Furthermore, emulation for serial interfaces (IrCOMM) is provided.


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