With the EUROS ISDN legacy stack the digital telephone network can be utilized easily. Thanks to CAPI (version 2.0) being used as programming interface the application engineer only requires limited knowledge of the inner workings of ISDN. The CAPI (Common ISDN application interface) is the best known and most common interface to ISDN stacks. Using simple function connections can be established and data can be transferred.

Technical data

  • Memory requirements: At least 35 KB ROM, at least 12KB RAM
  • Supported D-channel protocols: Q.921 and Q.931.
  • Supported B-channel protocols: transparent data transfer, X.25, user-defined protocols.
  • Usable for arbitrary devices
  • Areas of application: remote maintenance, remote control of machines, answering machines, fax, Internet access
  • Management of an unlimited number of controllers and applications.