Integrated C parser

C code is analyzed in real-time and is represented in a structured form by the class view. When typing in a variable, a targeted list of available member variables is provided in a list box.

Extended Error Parser Messages

Messages originating from the build process are displayed in a special window. Without any dependence on the development tools, the user can select a message and be directed to the corresponding location in the source file.


When building an EUROS application, a flexible build process based on the GNU make system runs in the background. When using the so-called makebar, the four makefile parameters "target hardware", "toolset", "application variant" and "library variant" are selected. EUROSkit automatically detects the options available in the development system and offers these in the four Makebar lists.

Auto Prototype Info

When typing the name of an EUROS API function or of any other function of the project, a tool-tip window containing the prototype of the function is displayed.

Auto- and Code-Completion

EUROSkit knows all identifiers in the project. When typing code, a phrase can be completed automatically based on these identifiers.

Flexible Syntax Highlighting

C source files and header files are highlighted. The user can add custom syntax descriptions.

Project Wizard

New EUROS projects can be created using the Project Wizard. With few parameters given by the programmer, it generates a template project that can be used immediately as an application.

Integrated online help

The structured help system contains descriptions of all EUROS services.


EUROSkit can manage multiple projects as a single workspace. This feature can be used to better organize project structures.

Plug-In interface

Various development repositories like SVN can be integrated into the EUROSkit.


Comprehensive support is available to developers of EUROS-based applications; thus the user can concentrate fully on application problems. Developing EUROS applications is highly efficient - with EUROSkit, the developer has a clear view of the entire system. Thus, time-consuming searching for function prototypes and locating compile errors belong to the past.