The EUROSflash consists of set of tools used for programming of flash memories. It can program both standalone NAND and NOR flash memories, as well as the internal flash memories of microcontrollers. EUROSflash includes "ready-to-use" utilities as well as a software kit, which enables customized solutions. EUROSflash comprises components for program loading, target connection and user interface:

Object Loader

The object loader handles almost all types of compiler/linker generated object file formats and can process them directly without any additional conversion steps. The object loader   maintains support for a considerable number of generic and manufacturer specific data formats, including binary, Intel hex, Freescale S-Record, ELF/DWORF, A.OUT, IEEE695, COFF/COFF2, FeOMF (Softune V2/3), Tasking a.out, KEIL OMF166, Intel OMF386, etc. The large number of supported object module formats offered by the EUROSflash tool makes it suitable for flashing and updating of a big range of embedded applications.

Target Connection

EUROSflash supports a variety of communication links to the target system like BDM, JTAG, variety of emulators, RS232, CAN, USB, ARCnet and TCP/IP. For the last five target connection options the presence of the EUROSrda on the target is mandatory. From the large number of supported target connections offered by the the EUROSflash tool the user can choose the most efficient one for his or her embedded application.


The Windows Tool represents the user GUI and is the most convenient way to control interactively the programming of flash memories. By using dialog windows the user can select the application to be programmed. The accessible flash module on the target is clearly displayed on a sector level. Using a few simple Windows-like operations, the content of the selected flash sector can be erased and replaced by a new code image. The validity of the programming can be controlled by invocation of the verify function.

Command line Tool

As an alternative to the Windows GUI a command line interpreter can be used.  In this case erasure and the re-programming of the flash memory can be handled from the command line. This enables the process of the flash programming to be automated. The Command Line Tool is an efficient alternative to the Windows Tool for volume production programming.

Programming library

EUROSflash can be also integrated into the user target application in such a way that its functionality would be available to the application at run-time. So application upgrading can be done on an automated basis.

OEM Tool

As a service EUROS provides flash programming services via customized flash-tools. Those are purpose-built and can be separately specified and ordered.