EUROSanalyze is a further EUROScope plugin used for performing of static analysis. It retrieves important information about an application based on the generated executable code.   The following types of information can be gathered and visualized:

  • Calling-Tree

A list of all involved functions with their sub function displayed as a binary tree

  • Cross reference

A list of functions calling any specific function directly or indirectly

  • Control flow

All possible execution paths of a function referred to as flow graph can be visualized. The user may choose to see the program flow on both functional and assembly level. This makes it easy to detect loops and branches and allows the identification of the code paths to be tested. In addition, legacy code with missing source code can be re-engineered and documented. 

  • Stack usage

EUROSanalyze can determine the stack size allocated or returned by every instruction. In such a way the total stack size used by a function can be determined. Using the information contained in the call tree, EUROSanalyze can calculate the maximum stack usage of all sub-routines called by a specific function.

For all analyses only the object code of the application is required, since the information is based on analyzing of the CPU instructions.