Default RTOS Configuration

The current version of EUROS Embedded Studio® supports the automatic configuration of the EUROS general purpose RTOS as well as EUROSmot,  which is OSEK-/AUTOSAR-compliant.

Automatic Sample Program Generation

An important feature of EUROS Embedded Studio® is that it automatically generates an example program that is designed for testing the selected system software. It can be downloaded to the target system in order to test and verify the implemented target and debug connection as well as the system software.

Use of Operating Systems

The basic version of EUROS Embedded Studio® is a bare-metal one; that means, it runs without using a real-time operating system. However, if an RTOS is used, EUROS Embedded Studio® offers a step-by-step graphical configuration procedure in order to compile a tailored embedded application.

Updateable Development Environment

Created with flexibility and portability in mind, EUROS Embedded Studio® works on top of Eclipse, which makes it suitable for all projects that rely on the open and automatically updateable Eclipse environment.

Extendable Plug-in Architecture

Powered by extendable plug-in architecture, available tools from different vendors can be

combined and used in order to facilitate and speed up the development process.

Extensive Feature Set

EUROS Embedded Studio® provides all features of a modern development environment, including the following:

  • Project management
  • Code writing, editing and syntax highlighting
  • Context sensitive code and auto completion
  • Templates for projects and documents
  • Multiple tool chain configuration and error parsing support
  • On-the-fly code analysis with support for coding rules
  • Integration of user-defined tools
  • Powerful search & replace utility with RegEx support
  • Code parsing and preprocessing
  • Context sensitive help system