Similar to EUROStrace the EUROSorti is an additional EUROScope plugin dedicated to collecting and displaying target system specific events for the OSEK-compliant real-time operating systems EUROSmot. It provides an event buffer used to collect selected   information regarding task switch, calling system services, etc. Each event is associated with one or more OSEK objects like tasks, semaphores, alarms or trace data specified by the application. All collected event’s data contain a time stamp with resolution depending on the underlying hardware. By using EUROSorti it's easy to find problems caused by the time-related behavior of the application like:

  • Deadlocks when waiting for system resources.
  • High-priority tasks that unexpectedly use up large amounts of CPU time and block out other tasks.

Since the time line has a high resolution (the smallest unit is a EUROSmot timer tick), it is possible to measure time intervals very precisely. For example, the time required by a task to process an interrupt event can be easily determined.