Texas Instruments TMS570 Hercules microcontroller hosts safety critical applications under EUROS

Sep 19, 2018


The company EUROS Embedded Systems announces the availability of its Real-Time Operating System EUROS including the eclipse based Stand-Alone Cross Development Environment EUROS Embedded Studio® for the Hercules™ TMS570 microcontroller of the company Texas Instruments.

The Hercules™ TMS570 family of microcontrollers was specially designed to facilitate the implementation of safety-critical applications according to the safety standards IEC 61508 SIL 3 and ISO 26262 ASIL D.

The TMS570 is a powerful microcontroller based on an ARM Cortex®-R4F core providing hardware mechanisms used for acceleration of computational activities needed to achieve compliance with the safety and security standards. It runs at up to 300 MHz and has a CPU performance up to 500 DMIPS. It provides 512KB of RAM memory, up to 4MB of Embedded Flash memory and offers a wide range of peripheral controllers like Ethernet, FlexRay, CAN, LIN, etc.

Furthermore, the TMS570 microcontroller offers advanced integrated security features together with scalable power density, connectivity and storage options.

Its architecture enables an easy integration into a 1oo1D lockstep configuration, which provides protection against multi-bit memory errors, keeping a simple, easy to use single core programmer's model at the same time. The Hercules implementation of the Cortex-R4F CPU includes also an MPU, thus protecting the RTOS core and stack from invalid execution by tasks as well as protecting data from corruption and providing a tight control over externally loaded applications. The TMS570 microcontroller has an on-chip flash memory, equipped with single error correction, dual error detection (SECDED) and error-correcting code (ECC) diagnostic. In addition, it supports the use of a hardware logic BIST (LBIST) engine and self-test controller (STC), thus providing a very high diagnostic coverage on the lockstep CPUs at transistor level.

These and many another key functional safety features like monitoring of the external clock, monitoring of the voltage and MCU state monitoring via external watchdog logic make the Hercules™ TMS570 an outstanding microcontroller for functional safety products in automotive, railway and aerospace applications.

Especially for the TMS570 family of microcontrollers EUROS Embedded Systems offers all needed device driver packages, graphics libraries and network protocols like serial, SPI, I2C, Ethernet, TCP/IP, USB, OPC UA, Embedded Wizard, Qt, etc.

The newly established OPC UA communication standard was also made available for the Hercules™ TMS570 family of microcontrollers operating under EUROS control. The OPC UA stack provides the service-oriented architecture needed for establishing of the interoperability of devices and services within the new emerging technologies such as Industry 4.0, Smart Home or Internet of Things.

The whole development process is backed up by the eclipse based Cross Development Environment EUROS Embedded Studio®. It allows an individual, application-specific and fully automatic configuration of the system software and offers a range of additional development tools - such as graphical components configurator, real-time tracing, static code analysis, code coverage, RTOS-awareness, etc., that significantly support and facilitate the development of embedded applications.

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