EUROS Domain Specific Modeling based IIoT Ecosystem

Feb 13, 2019

The EUROS Embedded Systems GmbH announces the launching of its Industrial IoT Ecosystem (IIoT) build around the Domain Specific Modeling (DSM) technology.  The IIoT Ecosystem is offered as a Software Development Kit (SDK), which includes besides the EUROS IIoT embedded suite also an IEC 61131-3 compliant Runtime System (RTS). The latter features direct native code execution, thus providing the advantages of a smaller footprint memory and making this solution also available for microcontroller with restricted resources.

For demonstration purposes a fully functional example was designed and implemented on a reference hardware platform based on the Cortex M4 microcontroller architecture. The purpose of the application is to monitor and display the sensor measurements of the following physical entities:

  • Ambient light,
  • Temperature,
  • Pressure and
  • Altitude,

where, the value of the altitude is derived from the pressure measured by a sensor and the sea level pressure, which is obtained from a weather server.

The EUROS IIoT SDK example comprises the following components:

  • NXP Kinesis M4 hardware platform
  • EUROS Real-Time Operation System,
  • MCAL,
  • Device Drivers,
  • EUROS IEC 61131-3-compliant run-time system (RTS),
  • Eclipse-based IDE for model-level debugging and code generating
  • Domain Specific Modeling suite and
  • Eclipse-based IDE covering project management and model-level debugging.



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