EUROS concludes a partnership with the companies Vector Software and Polarion

Sep 19, 2018

Besides functional requirements, in the case of critical embedded applications, the demands on security requirements have been dramatically increased recently. The system integrity especially against external influences, sabotage or espionage must be also fully guaranteed. 

In order to meet all those requirements, e.g. increasing both functional safety and security level and in the same time reducing the risk for embedded applications, a certification process according to the IEC 61508 Ed. 2 (SIL3) and IEC 62443 standards was initiated within our company, the EUROS Embedded Systems GmbH. Currently, the certification of the Real-Time Operating System EUROS as the first real-time operating system for both "Safety" and "Security" is being finalized. As auditor the company TÜV Süd was chosen.

In the course of our IEC 61508 SIL 3 certification process we teamed up with the companies Vector Software and Polarion Software, in order to achieve the stringent requirements on functional safety and security in embedded systems.

Based on the gained expertise throughout this process,  we can help our customers to significantly accelerate the certification of their own application using the already well-established and proven automated test environment based on the VectorCAST Suite of the company Vector Software, which has been integrated under EUROS. Thus, V-model-compliant Unit Tests, Integration Tests, System Tests and Code Coverage can be easily generated and automated for EUROS-based applications.

For the compilation of the Software Requirements for both development and test purposes we recommend the tool Polarion of the company Polarion Software. If Model Driven development, including corresponding  code generation is required, a Domain Specific languages solution of the company MetaCase can be also offered.

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