EUROS Bare-Metal-solution for Cortex M3

Sep 19, 2018

EUROS Embedded Systems GmbH offers now a cost-effective solution based on a Cortex M3 microcontroller complemented with a cross-development environment and complete system software.

This solution is a result from the long-term cooperation with the Korean semiconductor manufacturer, the company ABOV Semiconductor, and is built around an optimized 32-bit Cortex M3 microcontroller, specifically designed to facilitate the development of drive control applications. Besides this, the offered  one-chip microcontroller of type AC33M8128 is very well suited for controlling of small systems like kitchen appliances, coffee machines, Internet of Things or medical devices  and is characterized by a very low power consumption. The microcontroller operates at max. 75MHz and features 128KB Flash and 12KB RAM. Besides timer and PWM functionality, UART, SPI and I2C communication channels are also available. The full range of debugger connections to the target system including JTAG, SWD, FPB, DWT, ITM, TPIU and ETM is provided as well. A starter kit based on the selected microcontroller is also available.

Especially for the AC33M8128 microcontroller EUROS provides all necessary driver packages and network protocols in a so-called bare-metal version, e.g. without the overhead of a conventional real-time operating system. In addition, the Eclipse-based EUROS Embedded Studio® takes over the role of the cross-development environment and enables at the click of a button the automatic generation of tailor-made system software. The target system can be connected either using the real-time debug agent EUROSrda or via a JTAG adapter including ETM functionality.

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