EUROS available now for STMicroelectronics´ STM32F1 series

Oct 29, 2018

The company EUROS Embedded Systems announces the availability of its Real-Time Operating System EUROS including the eclipse based Stand-Alone Cross Development Environment EUROS Embedded Studio® for STMicroelectronic's STM32F1 series of mainstream MCUs.

Especially for the Eval KitSTM3210C-EVAL with a STM32F107VCT microcontroller EUROS Embedded Systems offers all needed device driver packages, graphics libraries and network protocols like serial, SPI, I2C, Ethernet, TCP/IP, USB, PPP, FTP, SNMP, SMTP and many more.

Also the Eclipse-based IDE EUROS Embedded Studio ® has been adapted to the STM32F107VCT microcontroller. It allows an individual, application-specific and fully automatic configuration of the system software and offers a range of additional development tools - such as graphical components configurator, real-time tracing, static code analysis, code coverage, RTOS-awareness, etc., which significantly support and facilitate the development of embedded applications.


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