EUROS IIoT Suite - The key to the Industrial Internet of Things

Oct 29, 2018


Industrial Internet of Things: Cloud enabled Real-Time System with embedded OPC UA Stack

EUROS embedded Systems GmbH (EUROS) and home2net have teamed up to demonstrate today a solution for the requirements of the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) of tomorrow: Full integration between local, real-time based industrial automation systems and powerful cloud services. The provided scalable OPC UA stack is available in two implementations: As an embedded solution represented as Nano, Micro, Embedded or Standard profile and as a cloud solution.

The demonstration shows an embedded application based on the EUROS RTOS running on a web@ctrl2 low power cloud connect device provided by home2net which is linked to an OPC UA cloud server using a TLS 1.3 based secure connection. Live temperature, pressure and brightness measurements from connected sensors are transmitted to this cloud OPC UA server and can be controlled and monitored as classified OPC UA objects. The user interface runs on a local smartphone or tablet which is connected to the cloud via a preconfigured app.

Customers profit from Euros' 29 years of experience in networked embedded and real time systems engineering which perfectly synchronize with home2net's innovative approach for easy to use, secure cloud access without maintenance-intensive gateways. Key feature for the universal fit of the Euros IIoT solution is the fine granular scalability of the EUROS RTOS complemented by a wide set of firmware.

EUROS IIoT Suite software package offers a flexible, unified platform for all applications requiring cloud connectivity. On top home2net´s safe and easy cloud access adds ready to use cloud integration as well as remote installation and maintenance services resulting in a higher availability and lower cost of ownership.


EUROS IIoT Suite - The key to the Industrial Internet of Things


You can download the press release as a PDF file here: Industrial Internet of Things

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