USB device support extended

Sep 19, 2018

EUROS has implemented support for USB devices based on interrupt, bulk and control requests has been added with the ability to downscale resource requirements for memory constraint systems.


EUROScope allows bootstrapping over U-Boot

Sep 19, 2018

EUROScope allows bootstrapping over U-Boot and extends support for standalone applications.

EUROS supports OMAP3530 platform

Sep 19, 2018

EUROS now supports OMAP3530 platform with full package of graphics and peripheral drivers.


EUROS eTPU support for ColdFire CPUs

Sep 19, 2018

EUROS now supports eTPU modules for ColdFire CPUs.

Using a generic library it is possible to import any eTPU template and application code generated with Freescale GUI tools.

EUROS Java Virtual Machine

Sep 19, 2018

EUROS Embedded Systems GmbH has announced general availability of Java virtual machine for all supported architectures.

Java interpreter is implemented in plain C and support Java Micro Edition standard, making it possible to handle arbitrary applications built with any standard compliant java compiler.

Some key JVM characteristics are:

  • requires 32K RAM
  • supports Java threads
  • supports both standard and customized memory allocation and garbage collection algorithms
  • supports JAR files and file systems
  • easy to extend with custom libraries
  • highly configurable list of standard libraries to minimize size